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   As a writer, artist, and musician, I'm passionate about the arts. Though my chosen vocation was nursing, I feel deeply that my art work, music and books represent mediums through which  I can continue to help others heal.


    My very first book, Overly Pink, was created to share my journey, using my art along with the written word from breast cancer diagnosis to survivor to help other women facing breast cancer. I got such a positive response that it alerted me that giving a voice to women's issues was long overdue. Encouraged  by this revelation, I began writing the Knot Series.

    In this series, I address issues that are hushed. All novels feature the King family and build on each other but can also be a stand alone read. As the family saga progresses each novel reveals a unique adventure, giving awareness to a social issue. 

     Currently, COVID is still an issue but with the new vaccines things seem to be getting better. Loved ones are able to visit family members in nursing facilities as deaths are down 90%. Slowly businesses are reopening.  Although we still are far from getting back to normal, we are moving in the right direction. Without a doubt, we have faced some challenging times. I hope that you all are vigilant in keeping yourself and others safe.  I have used the time of social isolation and distancing writing and that makes me very happy. What have you been doing to maintain your sanity?

What's New

The KNOT Series II, The Shackle: escape from the knot of restraint was published Oct 27 2020. I throughly enjoyed writing this modern day, Western action and romance novel.  Gabby and Brett are still main characters, but they take a step back allowing Stan to find his unique gifts and shine. This novel gives an awareness to the crime of human trafficking.

     The second book in The KNOT Series II is 50% completed. It has yet to be given a title. The book deals with the difficult role of the caretaker. 

    About the The Knot Series I :

The first book in the series, The Trinity Knot: releasing the knot of silence, (April 2018) explores sexual assault. The second book,  The Zeppelin Bend: unraveling the knot of deception (October 2018).gives a voice to an issue that millions of women deal with globally, unintended pregnancy, and the third,The Hitch: knots that bind (June 2019) addresses the  modern-day issues of depression and addiction. I am encouraged that this novel won the 2019 New York City Big Book Award for Women's fiction.


     As you can see, I've been enjoying my career as an author. I apologize to all of you as I wasn't able to do my author tour due to the corona virus. Hopefully, this will get resolved and I will be able to visit you in your state sometime soon.  


Stay healthy and safe! And keep reading. When you read you can travel anywhere, continue learning and escape into another world. 

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"...a compelling story that explores one of the dilemmas that millions of women face across the globe daily- the question of unwanted pregnancy. It's also a story that clearly illustrates how vulnerable a woman can be when choices are forced on her. I loved the way DonnaLee Overly captures the emotions of the protagonist, allowing readers to feel her pain, to understand her dilemma, and to connect with her from a place where she feels deeply broken and weak. The character development is impeccable and readers will enjoy how a single event - an unplanned pregnancy- can change a womsn's life. The writing is beautiful and the narrative feels so real in the present tense. The powerful descriptions, the skillful use of the stream of consciousness, and the realism injected into the narrative make an enjoyable read.

                                      - 5 stars by Romuald Dzemo for Readers' Favorite


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