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Welcome. to my website:

   As a writer, artist, and musician, I'm passionate about the arts. Though my chosen vocation was nursing, I feel deeply that my art work, music and books represent mediums through which  I can continue to help others heal.

      My very first book, Overly Pink, was created to share my journey, using my art along with the written word from breast cancer diagnosis to survivor to help other women facing breast cancer. I got such a positive response that it alerted me that giving a voice to women's issues was long overdue. Encouraged  by this revelation, I began writing the Knot Series.

    In this series, I address issues that are hushed. All novels feature the King family and build on each other but can also be a stand alone read. As the family saga progresses each novel reveals a unique adventure, giving awareness to a social issue. 

                  THE ANCHOR KNOT                       COMING MAY 2023!

         The third book in The KNOT Series II is coming soon. The story embraces the experience of an F1 car race, a gubernatorial election for Texas Governor, and continues the relationships in the King family.  This is the final book in the Knot Series- will Gabby find her path? What is the future for Stan and Marie? Who is the mysterious Brandon Matthews?  

                               EXCITING NEWS                                                                                                                                                                 

 True Love Knot: entangled- a caregiver's story awarded 2022   New York City Big Book Awards Distinguished Favorite.                                                                                                      


TRUE LOVE KNOT:  entangled- a caregiver's story, published  Oct 2021 is now available through your local bookstore and other retailers.

 The caregiver's role is the emphasis of True Love Knot and how easily one can lose a sense of self. Keeping your family close is very helpful in this stressful life-changing situation. You'll get caught up in the story as caregivers are described as angels on earth. and yes, they can fall from grace.  An important thread the story follows with Richard's political career. Secondary themes are addressed such as veterans and their struggle with post traumatic stress disorder. There are two veterans in the story line and also Marie is back as she is an advocate for victims of human trafficking. Learn more about her relationship with Stan.

The KNOT Series II, book one, The Shackle: escape from the knot of restraint was published Oct 27 2020. I throughly enjoyed writing this modern day, Western adventure and romance novel.  Gabby and Brett take a step back allowing Stan to find his unique gifts and shine. This novel gives an awareness to the crime of human trafficking.

                   About the The Knot Series I :

The first book in the series, The Trinity Knot: releasing the knot of silence, (April 2018) explores sexual assault. The second book,  The Zeppelin Bend: unraveling the knot of deception (October 2018).gives a voice to an issue that millions of women deal with globally, unintended pregnancy, and the third,The Hitch: knots that bind (June 2019) addresses the  modern-day issues of depression and addiction. WINNER! The Hitch won the 2019 New York City Big Book Award for Women's fiction.

         Discover Gold : achieve happiness and reach for                            dreams in your life's next chapter

I crossed genres to bring this self-help book for you to start the NEW YEAR-NEW YOU in 2023!  This guide provides steps to achieve happiness and reach for dreams in your life's next chapter. Using the wisdom of philosophers from Aristotle and Socrates to modern day self-help experts combined with my own humbling experiences, this book is the perfect read for those in transition such as retirement, relationship change, serious illness or those who feel stagnant and desire for something different and exciting. 

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