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The KNOT Series, is a trilogy written to give a voice to women’s issues that are often hushed. The books follow the lives of the characters as they heal emotionally and become strong. Available through Amazon, Apple iBooks, and Barnes and Noble. In paperback and e-books. Sale currently running.  Now is the time to get your summer beach reads! Each book stands on its own. However, all build on the previous novel. Read all to see the progression of the King Family Saga.

The Trinity Knot: releasing the Knot of Silence

ISBN-13:978-0-9990514-3-6. Available e-book

The Trinity Knot: Releasing the Knot of Silence is the first book in The Knot Series Trilogy, contemporary women’s fiction that gives a compassionate voice to the challenges women face. A sexual assault moves the plot forward as Gabriella expresses her emotions through painting and gains the courage to confront Brett, the promiscuous tennis pro, forcing him to revisit the demons from his past. Using the themes of art and tennis in the setting of the Texas Hill Country, emotional struggles are untangled as Gabriella and Brett release the knot of silence to heal and find love.   2018 New York City Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite

The Zeppelin Bend:Unraveling the Knot of Deception

ISBN-9780996668750 , Available in e-book

A zeppelin bend is a knot that can connect two separate ropes. When under stress, the knot gets tighter.

The second book, The Zeppelin Bend: Unraveling the Knot of Deception, gives a voice to unintended pregnancy, exploring the options of abortion, adoption to raising a child as a single mother. Emotions run deep when two united families get into a knotted mess.  Life becomes complicated for the main characters, Brett Matthews and Gabby King as the strength of their love is challenged. Saddled with an unexpected pregnancy to a man she no longer loves, Gabby seeks the support of her step-brother, Stan, who develops strong feelings for her and offers to be the father to her unborn baby. Will Gabby forfeit her chance for true love?

The HitchKnots That Bind

ISBN-9780996668774 Available in e-book

The third book, The Hitch: Knots that Bind, gives a voice to issues of depression, grief and addiction.  Gabby's and Brett's lives take on new challenges with the unexpected. Then, in need of his mother's help, Stan uses his position to create a wedge of mistrust between Gabby and Brett. As Stan fights for Gabby's affection,  will he get tangled in the threads he dangles?  Gabby applies the lesson learned from her past and uses her voice to determine her future. But by finding her inner strength to save herself, can she also throw a lifeline and save Stan?  The ending will surprise and is sure to restore your faith in love and relationships.

2019 Winner Women's Fiction New York City Big Book Award!

The Knot Series II_edited.jpg

The Shackle: escape from the knot of restraint

ISBN- 9781735251707 Available in e-book


 The Shackle (October 27, 2020), the first book in The Knot Series II explores the horrific crime of human trafficking.  The King family saga continues but as with the previous books, this one can stand on its own. The progression of Gabby and Brett's life is revealed however the crux of the novel focuses on Stan. In this action packed Western, good trumps evil in a modern day standoff, and Stan finds his unique gifts that make him shine and even find love.    2021 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite !

True Love Knot: entangled- a caregiver's story 

ISBN- 9781735251721 Available in e-book

The fifth book in The KNOT Series published Oct 2021, is a heart- wrenching story of Brett and Gabby's relationship. It also continues with Stan and Marie's journey as she continues to be an advocate for victims of human trafficking. Richard plays a major role in the story line as he throws his hat into the gubernatorial race.    2022 NYC Big Book Award Distinguished Favorite !

The Anchor Knot: securing the knot of truth

ISBN-9781735251769 Available in e-book

The final book of the KNOT Series published July 28,2023,  Richard's gubernatorial campaign invites Gabby into the world of Formula One racing, where aa team member speaks a surprising truth that unsettles her world. Caught in the whirlwind of making dreams come true for others, Gabby needs wisdom to hear her inner voice before its too late. Can she find her anchor and is she strong enough to follow her heart. A story of female empowerment.

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