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Questions for Book Review

 The Trinity Knot: releasing the knot of silence

1.)  The subtitle of The Trinity Knot is "releasing the knot of silence." In 2017 the "ME TOO" movement encourages women to give a voice to sexual assault and harassment. Do you feel this movement has made a change in the way that men and women interact in the business world and socially?

2.) What caused the main male character, Brett Matthews, to examine his behavior? Was he more attracted to Gabby because she resisted his advances? 

3.) A breakdown in communication seems to be the culprit for problems in relationships. Apply this theory to the relationship between Gabby and Brett and/or Gabby and Richard. How could more communication  have been helpful?

4.) Wayne King, Gabby's father, plays a role in picking men for her to date. Is this a form of control or fatherly  protection? Is Gabby aware? Should she use her voice?

5.) Ella Bender is Gabby's best friend. With their opposite personalities, how does each benefit from their relationship?

6.) If you played a sport, can you think of a situation where the line between a coach and player got crossed? What unwritten guidelines should be in place to prevent this from happening? 

7.) Many women are attracted to "bad boys." Is Gabby one of those women? Is Brett one of those bad boys? Does this describe their relationship?  Does Gabby place herself in danger by showing Brett the ranch? What has he done to gain her trust?

8.) Brett needs to face his past to overcome his fears. Can you think of an incident or time when you had to do the same?

9.) In this story Gabby paints to solve her problems. Do you think it is possible to work through problems and find answers while engaging in an activity or hobby?

10.) Gabby has led a sheltered life. Does this put her at a disadvantage?

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